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 LGCS Girls Softball Sponsors Hall of Fame

2016 Season


LGCS Fastpitch Girls Softball wishes to thank and honor our sponsors, local businesses and individuals that team with the LGCS organization, enabling our league to grow and thrive.  

Welcome!  We give a big tip of our cap to all our sponsors, returning and new, for their generous contributions to support our program and assure that the league has top quality uniforms, equipment and facilities.  Sponsors underwrite most of the expense for our full-color yearbook and other programs.  Most important our sponsors make it possible for any player with demonstrable financial need will have a place to play within the LGCS softball family each season.  Sponsors, you are all terrific and each of you have a well deserved place in our Sponsors Hall of Fame.

Please take a moment to view each of our sponsor pages by clicking on the image below, and show how much you appreciate their generosity by doing business with these great local folks.  Supporting our sponsors assures the league, our kids, and the community at large all benefit together.  

To support the league and learn of our many exciting programs including sponsorship plans for the Full-Color yearbook that will be distributed on Softball Appreciation Day in April, please see the attachment at the bottom of this page and contact Dave Burt, sponsorship program coordinator via email at sponsors@lgcsfastpitch.org.

LGCS Sponsors rock, thank you all!