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Alexis Briski Tournament Rules

 Alexis Briski Memorial Tournament 2017

10U, 12U, 14U and 16U/18U Divisions Girls Fastpitch Softball

Tournament Rules


All Divisions will use ASA age definition/requirements

  • 10U — 10 years or younger as of 12/31/16
  • 12U — 12 years or younger as of 12/31/16
  • 14U — 14 years or younger as of 12/31/16
  • 16/18U --- 18 years or younger as of 12/31/16

Proof of age is not required at the tournament. We are trusting managers to Honor The Game and adhere to all age requirements.

Insurance:  All teams are required to provide proof of insurance prior to playing.

Umpires:  ASA Certified. We will use one umpire per game for pool-play games on Saturday, and two umpires per game on Sunday. There will be no protests. Umpires on-field decisions are final.

Tournament Awards: 1st and 2nd place individual player awards. Schedules and brackets for Sunday’s single elimination will be posted on the league website at www.lgcsfastpitch.org.

Rules:  ASA rules will apply with the following tournament exceptions:

1.  Teams may bat everyone on Saturday, but must choose between full roster batting or straight ASA rules.

2.  Decision on whether to bat all players on team's roster or use straight ASA rules must be declared at umpire's meeting.

3.  If a team chooses to bat all players on the roster, a courtesy runner is designated to be the "last player to have made an out".

4.  If a team bats everyone and multiple courtesy runners are used in an inning, a player may only be designated courtesy runner once.

5.  Standard ASA rules apply on Sunday.

6.  All games will be 7 innings or 75 minutes (no new inning after 75 minutes).  There is NO hard stop.

7.  Pool play games can end in a tie; bracket games must have a winner. International tiebreaker will be used to break the ties.

8.  Teams flip for home on Saturday; higher seeded team is home Sunday.  If teams have equal seeds, then they flip for home.

9.  Game time is forfeit time.  Teams may start a game with 8 players but must take an out in the 9th spot.

10. Mercy rule is 10 runs after 3 innings; 8 runs after 4 innings.

11. Team listed first on schedule will occupy the third base dugout, unless already occupied from previous game.

12. No infield practice between games.  Absolutely no activity in the infield area when ground crews are prepping the fields.

13. Team Managers will be responsible for all persons, including players and coaches, as well as spectators associated with their team.  NOTE:  Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated!

Local Field Ground Rules:

1.  Blossom Hill Field 1:  Ball hit under trees in the deep outfield is in play and played as "live ball".

2.  Blossom Hill FIeld 2:  Ball hit on a roll into wood chips playground area or black top area is ground rule double.  Ball hit into those areas on the fly is home run. 


1.  Teams will be awarded two points for a win and one for a tie.

2.  First tie-breaker is head to head.

3.  Second tie-breaker is runs allowed.

4.  Third tie-breaker is runs scored.

5.  Fourth tie-breaker is a coin flip.


Line-ups will be presented to umpires at home plate prior to the game. Home team, following coin flip, will be the official book.  Home team is responsible for reporting score to tournament official at the field.